Draft Project Plan for Displaying Voter List in Ten Township (Yangon)

Voter List in 10 Townships (Yangon)CSOs and different levels of sub-commission will coordinate for the voter education that enhancing to check voter list by eligible voters themselves. If one of the eligible voters is not in the list, he or she can claim to add his or her name in the voter list by filling Form No.3. If the name/ID number/address of the eligible voter is wrong, he or she can edit by filling Form No.4.

Display period will be March 30 to April 12 in the office Ward/Village Sub-commission.

Regular meeting and assessment in the field will be done and CSOs were invited for the coordination in voter education program. The township level of government authority officers will also coordinate in the process.


These information are from the meeting minutes of CSOs and Yangon Election Sub-commission in March 2nd, 2015.