Election Observation Trainings in Tanintharyi Division

Myeik Training (EOT15-20)New Myanmar Foundation (NMF) had successfully completed the Election Observation Trainings (EOT) in each of Myeik Township and Kawthoung Township in Tanintharyi Division. The trainings were fully sponsored and organized by NMF and its own resource persons.

Members of local CSOs and other active citizens had participated in the trainings. In Myeik training, 23 persons had attended. In Kawthoung training, there were 28 attendees. The outcome of the trainings are good as we expected in the planning. In the day one of Kawthoung training, special polices came to the training room to investigate and NMF staffs were being questioned. Except that noticeable condition, everything else were going fine without any difficulties.

In the meantime in Yangon, one of the senior members and the representatives of Election Education and Observation Partners (EEOPs) were joined to the 3 days workshop by Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), which was participated by NDI and ANFREL.