Our Partners

New Myanmar Foundation (NMF) is closely working with many partner organizations including as the networks. For the elections, NMF had initiated and is participating a partner network, named Election Education and Observation Partners (EEOPs). EEOPs is organized as a federation and the member organizations of EEOPs are;

Member Organizations of EEOPs

1. New Myanmar Foundation (NMF) Yangon Division
2. Democratic Force (DF) Yangon Division
3 Cherry Image Shan State
4. Metta Campagin Yangon & Mandalay Division
5. Wisdom Banner Mandalay Division
6 Public Welfare Network Yangon Division
7 Green Network Thanintharyi
8. Top Youth Kayin State
9. Rhododendron Indigenous Development (RID) Association Chin State
10 RDN Yangon
11. Tedim Youth Fellowship (TYF) Chin State
12. Nwe Oo Foundation Irrawaddy Division
13. Social Actors’ Group Saging Division
14. Pwint Phyu Observer Group Magwe Division

For once every five years of electoral cycle, NMF initiates to form a wider network, named Domestic Election Observation Network (DEON), attempting to become nationwide observation at the election year. In DEON, EEOPs organizations, other non-partisan CSOs/CBOs/NGOs and active citizens are participating together.

NMF is also coordinating with electoral stakeholders and other domestic and international organizations in many areas of social and political movements. NMF is currently coordinating with The Carter Center (TCC) which is recently opening their office for election observation in Myanmar.