Election Education and Observation Partners (EEOPs) is the non-partisan independent election education and observation group formed with the civil society organizations from different states and regions in March, 2013. It is neither aligned with nor under the authority of any political organization or government. The member organizations, interested to promote “Democratic Culture” in Myanmar, have joined together of their own independant willings to form EEOPs.

Member Organizations of EEOPs

1. New Myanmar Foundation (NMF) Yangon Division
2. Democratic Force (DF) Yangon Division
3 Cherry Image Shan State
4. Metta Campagin Yangon & Mandalay Division
5. Wisdom Banner Mandalay Division
6 Public Welfare Network Yangon Division
7 Green Network Thanintharyi
8. Top Youth Kayin State
9. Rhododendron Indigenous Development (RID) Association Chin State
10 RDN Yangon
11. Tedim Youth Fellowship (TYF) Chin State
12. Nwe Oo Foundation Irrawaddy Division
13. Social Actors’ Group Saging Division
14. Pwint Phyu Observer Group Magwe Division

Objectives of EEOPs

  • To observe elections in Myanmar in order to be credible, free and fair
  • To upgrade the knowledge of citizens in the electoral process
  • To promote civic enagement in establishing democratic culture in Myanmar

Activity Agreements

EEOPs agree to coordinate in the following activities among the partner organizations;

  • To observe General Elections and Bi-Elections in Myanmar for the credible and genuine elections
  • To educate “Voter Education Trainings” to eligible voters
  • To facilitate better coordination among electoral stakeholders

To implement the agreements, negotiations shall be done by the following;

  • Resource (Experts, Techniques, Office, Trainings and Funding) sharing among partners
  • Information sharing among partners
  • Coordination and Collaboration in the fields, survey, opinion poll (OP) in certain constituencies

EEOPs Organizations Map