Civic and Voter Education

Civic and voter education is implemented by a wide variety of organizations and individuals in most countries. It is supported and sponsored by human rights commissions; and international, regional, and domestic civil society organizations (CSOs).

Civic Education (ပြည်သူ့နီတိ in Burmese) was a famous subject in formal education in Myanmar until 1950s. After the military had taken over the regime, the subject of Civic Education was removed and shut down the practical press of civic duties and rights of the citizens. The citizens were loosing down the morality, civic duties, rights of the citizens and as well as the knowledge of the citizens, time by time, although the military regime stated “To uplift of the moral and morality of the entire nation.” in their Four social objectives.

Yet, after five decades from that time, the new generation have not even heard of Civic Education in their whole lives. From 2010s, a group of citizens had initiated the activities for Civic Education to come up among the citizens. The achievement of those activities was that the government started to engage and have been considering for the Civic Education subject.

New Myanmar Foundation (NMF) had been providing civic and voter education since 2010.

Let’s see how important of the Civic Education is for the citizens is!